Well the Cats took a series on the chin as the Orlando Magic came and went and posted a sweep of the young franchise in the fledgling post-season series for the club. After posting a 44-38 record this 2009-2010 season the club looks to now advance their play in efforts to become regular post-season participants and advance beyond the first round.

With new owner Michael Jordan at the helm it will be interesting to see how different, if any, the basketball thinking will become from the front office. The rookie owner is one that does not like to loose and brings to the table a plethora of basketball knowledge and court experience that no owner in todays game can claim.
Bobcats team owner Jordan claps for his team in the first half of their NBA playoff basketball game against the Magic in Charlotte
Jordan will definitely seek to manipulate the Bobcat roster in order to cook up the right recipe for success and that is going to take some work as they start the draft this summer with no picks. This will be an uphill battle but not one that isn't still winnable as there are some young players on the roster that can be dealt for experience as well as possible draft picks. But before they reach the roster issues, they must deal with the 400 pound gorilla in the room being Coach Larry Brown and his desire to stay put or get flighty again.

The seasoned coach has stated “I’m not coaching for anybody but Michael” and while that is true at the moment we have seen the nature of Coach Brown to take his ball and go home when ever he feels like it.
Charlottes Bobcats majority owner Jordan talks to head coach Brown in Orlando
Rumors are swirling now that the vacant 76er head coaching position has Browns name all over it and he can truly go home by simply saying “yes” and rejoining his wife and children in his hometown of Brotherly-Love, Philadelphia. There is doubt about whether Larry Brown loves to coach or not as he has been a basketball coach for almost forty years of his sixty-nine years on Gods green Earth and he has maximized the best with mediocre and superior talent all the way to the Hall of Fame. Inducted in 2002 in his first stint with the 76ers, Brown has polished off an illustrious career posting over 1,300 wins, both in the NBA and the ABA. He has the recognition of being the only man to take eight different teams to the playoffs and also the only coach to coach two different franchises in the same year.

Charlotte Bobcats head coach Brown yells instructions to his team as they play the Orlando Magic during Game 1 in Orlando
Charlotte Bobcats fans have embraced his old-school coaching style as Tobacco Road enthusiasts respect good basketball and great basketball teachers, such as Coach Brown has proven he is. Now we will see if absence has made his heart grow fonder for the City of Brotherly Love or if the Queen City & King Jordan can do enough to keep the NBA’s roaming nomad in position to teach this young franchise how to win and bring basketball glory to more than it’s college hoops. Stay tuned!

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