38 Kwame Brown of the Detroit Pistons in action vs. the Sacramento Kings at Arco Arena in Sacramento, California. The Pistons beat the Kings 100-92 Photo via Newscom
(Kwame Brown last season with the Detroit Pistons)

New Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan has been dealing this off-season like a seasoned card dealer in a high stakes Las Vegas game of Poker! He has feverishly attempted to clear roster space and free up cap space so that the Cats can finally start to bring some attributable talent to town and the bar has been set with the recent signing of a legend. Jordan already has one Brown in town with Head Coach Larry Brown deciding to stay in town and continue on as coach, after word on the street had him signed, sealed and delivered to Philadelphia during the summer, and now he continues adding to the Brown-Clan. After giving it a lot of thought, Mr. Kwame Brown has decided to take his talents to Charlotte to reunite with Jordan just a little further South of where the two originally began their ill-fated marriage nine years ago. 

Kwame Brown, signs a one year deal for the veteran minimum of $1.3 million on Monday, August 23, 2010 and subsequently was introduced to the Queen City as a Bobcat on the following Tuesday donned in Jordan-gear. Brown, made NBA history in 2001 when he was drafted by the Washington Wizard, with Jordan at the helm of the brain-trust, as the first player to be drafted #1 after skipping college and going directly to the NBA. After fielding offers from two additional teams in the last couple of months Brown decided that the Jordan-led Bobcats would be the best fit to continue his career. Browns agent Mark Bartlestein added "we think this a critical year for Kwame to get his career turned around and headed in the right direction!" 

Now the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics are not the only teams in the East making noise this off season as the Cats are making moves and taking names! It is going to be interesting to see what Brown is going to be able to add to the offense and/or defense as he and his career 6.7 pts. and 5.4 rbs. per game aren't numbers that are going to make Dwight Howard wince or keep Dwayne Wade OR Lebron James out of the paint. I am not sure what promise the Bobcats see in Brown at  this point of his career as he is a ten year veteran that has yet to put together a solid season worthy of being referenced as a #1 pick, without having a dreaded four letter word follow behind it....BUST!!!

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